Environmental Protection

When involved in traffic-related projects as a private or public sector client, you are required to implement noise control measures. This ensures that your project meets the applicable pollution control regulations.

HOFFMANN-LEICHTER provides you with consultation for noise intensity studies for road construction or renovation projects in compliance with legal regulations. This helps to determine an optimized combination of active and passive noise mitigation measures.

The numerous immission control laws, regulations and guidelines applicable in Germany and the European Union require a high degree of specialist knowledge and experience. Our major tasks involve the identification and assessment of harmful environmental effects caused by noise, air pollutants and odours. We prepare the required expert opinion and serve as a contact person for all your queries related to immission control, latest technologies and legislation. We are very particular about providing customer oriented solutions in close cooperation with our clients and authorities.

We help you to avoid unexpected surprises which may potentially jeopardize the success of your project.

HOFFMANN-LEICHTER provides consultation in:
  • Noise analysis and noise mitigation plans
  • Traffic induced noise
  • Noise from industrial plants
  • Planning of active and passive noise control measures
  • Air pollution studies