Project Management

Traffic and construction site management requires a broad, interdisciplinary spectrum of experience in the fields of traffic planning, road traffic technology, road design and immission control. This concerns in particular the evaluation of the effects, the mutual dependencies and the technical feasibility as well as a cost-effective implementation. This applies both to the planning of securing workstations on roads as well as the organisation of major events.

For traffic management and in particular for construction site management, it is essential to consider the interests of all road users. Construction sites on roads and major events always have an impact on traffic flow. With the help of extensive planning in advance by HOFFMANN-LEICHTER, a safe and controlled traffic handling with reduced restrictions can be guaranteed.

As your project management partner, HOFFMANN-LEICHTER helps you to minimize the risk of unforeseen costs and hidden expenses that may result from mismanagement. We are also available for the coordination with the relevant administrative offices and other parties involved to ensure smooth completion or provide assistance as a project management consultant.

HOFFMANN-LEICHTER provides consultation in:
  • Construction schedule development and maintenance
  • Scheduling, action and liquidity planning
  • Technical inspections/rework management
  • Contract and cost management
  • Sub-contractor coordination