Road Design

Intelligent road design ensures safe and efficient traffic. However, this necessitates an appropriate infrastructure which is created through construction, extension and maintenance of roads and other transport facilities.

This is no trivial task in view of the complex interplay of motorized individual traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and local public transport. In addition, environmental issues and the various types of materials must be taken into account.

Our specialists at HOFFMANN-LEICHTER are aware of these interrelations and develop sustainable solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands. Why? To provide you, as a private or public sector client, with safe and long-term road design solutions.

HOFFMANN-LEICHTER provides consultation in:
  • Design of traffic facilities
  • Design of drainage systems
  • Design of road infrastructure
  • Regional planning and approval procedures
  • Parking facilities
  • Road condition monitoring
  • Work stages 1 to 9, in accordance with German HOAI (Fee Scale for Architects and Engineers)