Transportation Planning

Planning it well means doing it better” – this motto is the key to your and our success. Over 30 years of experience in transportation planning have proved us right.

Proper planning is absolutely essential for a traffic concept to be sustainable and economically viable in the long run. Precise long-term estimates of the volume, direction and temporal distribution of traffic are of crucial importance because it is usually not possible to compensate for estimation errors later. If you rely on the judgement of HOFFMANN-LEICHTER, you will receive a transportation planning solution that serves as a solid basis for the implementation of all subsequent steps of your project.

HOFFMANN-LEICHTER – provides consultation in:
  • Site investigations
  • Traffic development planning
  • Prognostic calculations
  • Macroscopic traffic simulations
  • Traffic reduction
  • Parking concepts
  • Traffic surveys
  • Profitability analyses
  • Project-related consulting
  • Project documentation

We can offer you all these services individually or as a complete package. Interfaces to other service areas such as Traffic Engineering, Road Design and Immission Control serves as extra benefit to you as our client.

That is, a complete package of all services areas in transportation planning is waiting for you at HOFFMANN-LEICHTER.